Sustainable Printing for a Greener Future

There are many ways you can reduce your “environmental footprint”, while still maintaining the highest standards.

It is not print but waste that is bad for the environment.


Lane Print & Post is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility; the care and protection of the environment through the responsible use of community resources including water, energy and materials. Lanes support Carbon Neutral benchmarking and aim for a carbon neutral status without reducing the quality or performance of our products.

We have a clear objective when it comes to Environmental Commitment.

Sustainable Green Print (SGP)

Lanes are accredited to the equivalent of the international standard ISO 14001 through Sustainable Green Print (SGP) level 3, endorsed by the Printing Industries Association of Australia and independently audited.

Sustainable Offset Paper Products

No industry has moved faster or worked harder to become sustainable than the paper milling industry, both in Australia and internationally.

Lanes support and applaud these efforts, and encourage our clients to ‘choose and use’ sustainable papers wherever possible.

Sustainable Pre-Press Services

Lanes were one of the first companies in South Australia to embrace Computer-To-Plate (CTP) technology and installed these systems to eliminate volatile chemical film to plate processing.

Sustainable Printing

Lanes were the first company in South Australian to recognise the energy and environmental savings to be made through the use of perfecting presses (which allow for both sides of the sheet to be printed in a single pass) and were first to install an 8 colour perfecting press.

Perfecting presses provide for energy savings of up to 55% compared to standard, non-perfecting presses, greatly reducing energy use at the heart of the printing process.

Environmental Inks

Lanes have used soy-based vegetable inks continuously since 2002; soon after these were first developed in Europe to replace petroleum based inks.

Totally Degradable Bagging

Lanes enforce the use of food grade, TDPATM plastics when undertaking mailing for magazine publishers and the like. TDPA films are food contact compliant, can be recycled along with other plastics and are totally degradable, becoming environmentally benign when discarded.