Cross Media - We’re more than just a Printer

Apps and QR codes - alternative solution to the printed page.


Cross Multi-Media Development and Services

With Lane Print & Post’s software development team having in excess of a combined 25 years’ experience and knowledge in:

  • Software engineering
  • Data processing
  • System design
  • Database management and creation

We are able to provide a range of innovative and reliable services associated with:

  • Digital print
  • Distribution
  • Electronic archiving

utilising interfacing and hosting across all communication medias.

PDF Files for Call Centres and Archiving

Lanes can provide indexed PDF files as digital images of the printed form being distributed providing a mirror image of each printed page for both archival purposes and for reprinting. These PDF files can be supplied on CD/DVD or accessed through our online portal.

Apps and QR Codes for Smartphone and iPod Technology

Our software engineers also have the knowledge to design and develop applications for smartphones, which are compatible with Apple, Android and Blackberry systems and can include QR codes for internet access.

Email and Multi-Media

Lanes also have proven experience in producing email marketing campaigns and stationery.

Lane’s multi-media engineers possess the knowledge, skills and experience to produce CD/DVD material including interactive presentations and promotional material.